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A Flexi personal loan is a variant of personal loans that gives you the flexibility to use funds as and when required. You are sanctioned a loan limit and can borrow from this limit as many times as you want, without the need for making multiple applications.

You are charged interest only on the amount that you utilize,and you are free to withdraw and part-prepay at no extra cost.With the option to pay interest-only EMIs for the initial part of the tenure,you can reduce the burden of the EMIs.

CreditsIn helps you to avail Flexi personal loan from top providers and enjoy features including Longer Tenure, Overdraft Benefit and Step-up payment.

Features & Benefits

1. Borrow when you need prepay when you can - Withdraw funds as many times as you need from your approved limit and prepay or deposit funds into your loan account whenever you have Surplus money.
2. No Extra Charges - Withdraw funds and prepay them without paying any fee whatsoever.
3. Online Transactions - Transfer funds from your loan limit to your account and make prepayments.
4. Interest-only EMIs - Opt to pay only interest as your EMI for the first part of the tenor and the principal later to reduce your monthly EMI obligation by upto 45%
5. Day-wise Interest - Incur Interest only on what you utise by the end of the day.

Eligibility Criteria

Nationality - Indian
Age Criteria 21years to 65years
Cibil Score 685 or above
Monthly Salary Starting Rs 25000/- based on the city of residence.


* PAN Card
* KYC documents - Aadhar/Passport/Voter's ID / Driving License etc
* Salary Slip for the last 3 months
* Salary credited bank account statement for the last 3 months

*Terms and conditions apply. Flexi Loan at the sole discretion of Banks/NBFCs. Loan disbursal is subject to documentation and verification as per Banks requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does Flexi personal loan work?
You get a pre-approved loan limit based on your credit profile and can use it to meet your funding needs on the go. You can withdraw funds from this limit whenever you need finance and can prepay them whenever you have surplus money in hand.

2) Is Flexi loan better than personal loan?
You do not pay interest on the entire amount or the remaining amount , you only pay interest on the amount that is withdrawn. This is often referred to as a Flexi loan for personal loans because it assists the borrower in resolving financial challenges like the repayment of high-interest debt.

3) Does Flexi loan affect credit score?
Flexi loans are loans that are lower in quantum and also tenure for an applicant. Once the loan is applied for, the disbursal is quicker and the documentation required for the loan is also very less. Taking these Flexi loans can either impact your score in a positive or a negative way.

4) Is Flex loan real or fake?
For borrowers looking for quick money and a straightforward application process, flexi loans offer access to a line of credit that works similarly to a credit card. High interest rates are common, which can make this type of loan expensive and financially risky

5) What are the advantages of FlexiPay?
FlexiPay offers increased purchasing power, acting as an emergency financial assistance option. It provides flexible repayment options and convenient access to desired products or services. FlexiPay also offers convenience, accessibility, and streamlined application processes.

6) Is Flexi loan RBI registered?
As an RBI-registered NBFC, merchants of 100+ partners in 1,000+ cities all over India trust FlexiLoans

7) Do all Banks and NBFCs in India offer Flexi Personal Loans?
Not all banks and financial institutions offer Flexi loans. Financial institutions that do offer Flexi personal loans have varied sets of eligibility criteria, rates of interest and repayment rules.

8) How is Flexi Personal Loan different from a term loan?
One of the major differences between these types of loans is the interest rate. In the case of Flexi loan, interest is charged only on the amount utilised, whereas for a term loan, interest is calculated on the entire principal amount.
Additionally, additional charges are applicable for part payment in case of term loans; however, there are no additional charges for part payment of Flexi loans.

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